Can You Spare 15 Seconds for a Worthy and Reputable Cause?

2020 fedex small business grant contest

What if you were given the opportunity to not only be a part of history, but to actually CHANGE history on a worldwide scale?

This opportunity is not a dream but a reality.

Please help The Lost Clipper’s Expedition 5 to discover, secure and bring home the very first true missing American casualties of World War II, while also uncovering new evidence about the coverup of what really happened to Amelia Earhart.

Can you spare 15 Seconds for this worthy and reputable cause?

Please take 15 seconds to vote for Guy and the repatriation of 15 Americans from a small island in the Pacific Ocean. Guy Noffsinger, a retired Naval Intelligence Officer, has researched the mystery for over 20 years and gathered evidence from four previous visits to the tiny island with the goal of recovering and repatriating the victims’ remains. Together with retired DEA Agents Steve Murphy and Javier Pena of Netflix TV Narcos fame, they intend to reveal the true history of this 80-year-old cold-case.

Guy Noffsinger (left) with Steve Murphy (middle) and Javier Pena of Netflix’s “Narcos.”

If Guy wins, 100% of all funds from this contest will go to the hiring of an international Dog Search Team experienced with locating human remains. Hopefully we can find and bring home 15 Americans buried on a small Pacific island before World War II.

Please vote here:

2020 fedex small business grant contest

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