Tutorial: Create a Tilt-Shift Blur in FCPX without Plug-Ins

by Larry Jordan

Tilt-shift blurs create the illusion of depth of field, along with other interesting visual effects, by emulating in software a special kind of camera lens called a “tilt/shift lens.”

Image result for tilt shift
Emulate the tilt-shift effect in Final Cut Pro X

What’s interesting to me is that we can emulate the effect of these lenses in Final Cut.

When applied to high-wide shots, this creates the illusion of looking at a model, as you can see from the screen shot above. However, we can also use this during post to emulate depth-of-field. What this does, essentially, is apply a variable amount of blur to different portions of the frame.

Final Cut includes a tilt-shift effect, but they didn’t call it that. They called it: Focus. Here’s how it works.


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