100+ Instagram Caption Ideas to Try

by Annie Crawford, Adobe Spark

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Here at Adobe Spark we spend a lot of time (like a lot) thinking about how to create the best images for the ‘gram. But what about the caption? That often-overlooked space is hugely important for converting scrollers into followers. And more and more, we see savvy communicators putting that real estate to good work by offering like-worthy witticisms and even using it as a micro-blogging space.

Successful Instagram captions in 2020 will have an authentic message, use targeted hashtags, and be relevant to the images posted. A strong caption acts as the punchline to your image’s set-up, offers a window into who you are, or educates with longer copy. Here’s a breakdown on what you need to know about Instagram captions in 2020:

  • Authentic messaging reigns supreme. The authenticity trend of recent years continues to grow, with audiences craving behind-the-scenes realness and vulnerability over pretend perfectness. Your audience wants to engage with a real person or story they can relate to. 
  • Voice consistency is key. A consistent tone and vibe in how you write your captions lets readers build a relationship with your brand. 
  • Hashtags are crucial. Using the right hashtags in your caption is just as important as your thoughtful words, even if you keep your captions separate from your message. Hashtags in your captions mean new followers know where to find you, you plug in with your online community, and you actively encourage engagement and discovery.  
  • Micro-blogging continues to gain traction. The length of Instagram captions has doubled since 2016, according to a research report by Fohr and Later.com. That same report found that, in 2020, average photo caption length will be 405 characters (about 65-70 words). 

Want to get inspired to create killer Instagram captions? Here are more than 100 Instagram captions, written with your goals and common Instagram content in mind. Get your creative juices flowing with these ideas, but don’t forget to remix them a little for your unique voice and style

To build followers and encourage sharing of your content, read on…

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