Analysis Puts Remote ID for Drones Costs 9X Higher than FAA Estimate

By: Miriam McNabb, Dronelife

Analysis Finds Costs Nine Times As High As FAA Estimate

The comment period for the Remote ID for Drones NPRM closed yesterday.  There were more than 50,000 comments posted on the NPRM, including and 89 page comment by the world’s leading drone manufacturer, DJI.  While DJI has been active in developing and implementing technology that could simplify Remote ID for users, the company fears that the rule’s requirements place an unreasonable burden on all stakeholders, from manufacturers to individual pilots to industrial clients, who will end up shouldering the costs of a burdensome solution.

In a press release issued today, DJI says that an independent economic study finds that costs of compliance with the proposal far exceed the FAA’s estimate – and in fact are 9 times higher.  DJI is urging the FAA to take the comments into consideration and reconsider the rule.

The following is a DJI press release.

DJI Urges FAA To Reconsider Flawed Remote ID Rule
Independent Economic Analysis Finds Costs Nine Times As High As FAA Estimate March 3, 2020 – DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, has filed an 89-page formal comment urging the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to allow drone pilots to choose which method of Remote Identification to use with their drones, which would significantly reduce the costs and complications of Remote ID while boosting compliance. [more]

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