The Cam-A-Lot: A Video Conferencing Background Privacy Screen

by Gig Gear

Working from home. Video conferencing. Distance teaching and learning. Virtual meetings. These are all becoming more and more commonplace especially with the current situation throughout the world. Technology allows us to meet, work and learn virtually but it doesn’t always do the best job of keeping our homes and private lives out of our professional lives. Nobody wants to be that person in an important meeting and then all of sudden your spouse or significant other unknowingly steps into the frame in nothing but underwear. Or have your kids dance into the frame while you’re delivering quarterly sales reports. Or maybe you’re just not the tidiest person at home and you have no desire to share that with the rest of your co-workers.

Cam-A-Lot Collage 1.jpg

The Cam-A-Lot video conferencing privacy screen solves all of these issues by eliminating all distracting background visuals, making you look more professional and less worried about what others may see behind you.

Some video conferencing software offers virtual backgrounds that aim to create visually appealing backgrounds artificially. But everyone knows that they work OK at best, and have no way of preventing the dreaded “ghost head” when someone else gets close enough to the camera and all of a sudden their face starts floating in the middle of the screen!

The Cam-A-Lot dual sided video conferencing privacy screen allows you to work from home and not have to worry about what your house looks like behind you or who is walking in and out of the room while you try to get work done.

Cam-A-Lot folding chair green.png

The Cam-A-Lot easily slides onto almost any chair (even a folding chair!) and completely blocks out your background. It’s dual sided – one side is white for a nice clean look, and the other side is green to either add a splash of color or if you want to actually use it as a green screen and project a virtual background on it.

The Cam-A-Lot is a large 57-inch diameter circle so that it can cover a wide view behind you while you sit and video chat. When not in use the Cam-A-Lot collapses and folds down to a much smaller 22-inch diameter and can be stored inside the included tote bag. This makes the Cam-A-Lot super portable so you can have your background privacy screen wherever you may find yourself working, gaming, streaming and video conferencing.

Eliminate all worry in your Work From Home situation with the Cam-A-Lot!

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