Free Plugin: A Modifiable YouTube Subscribe Button

by Idustrial Revolution

XEffects YouTube Subscribe Button is a free title plugin for Final Cut Pro X that encourages viewers of a YouTube video to subscribe to the channel and ring the alert bell. All animations, including the cursor are built in, all you have to do is position it where you like. The plugin has build-in and build-out controls, so it can be on screen for as long as you wish.
Free Final Cut Pro X Plugin XEffects YouTube Subscribe Button FCPXFree Final Cut Pro X Plugin XEffects YouTube Subscribe Button FCPX
We’ve also made another tutorial video recorded as we made the plugins from scratch. It is packed full of FCPX plugin-building Motion tips and you can see how these plugins were constructed. Be warned though, it is over an hour long!

Download the free XEffects YouTube Subscribe Button here.


By Boone Loves Video: Quickly add a call-to-action message to your videos with this free Premiere Pro YouTube Subscribe Button overlay…

Download free YouTube button here—

Check out the MOGRT versions for Adobe Premiere Pro!

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