BretFX Free Power Tools Lite for FCPX

by BretFX

Introducing BretFX Power Tools | 30 Free FCPX Titles, Effects ...

BretFX Power Tools is a 2 tiered collection of FCPX titles, effects, & transitions for Final Cut Pro X. The LITE version includes 30 FREE FCPX titles, effects, and transitions. The PRO (premium) version includes an ADDITIONAL 55 titles, effects, transitions and presets.

The FREE Lite version includes FREE Final Cut Pro X effects & title essentials such as:

  • Adjustment Layer (add effects across multiple clips at once)
  • Guides (two moveable guides & a grid to align your titles & elements)
  • Callout (a simple callout to point to something in your image)
  • Punch-In (use to zoom in & out of of video or a screen recording for tutorials)
  • Outline (add an outline around anything with transparency)
  • 3D Transform (rotate with perspective & maneuver in 3D space)
  • Vertical Video Fix (add adjustable blurry version of your vertical video behind it filling the screen)
  • Information Overlay (slide on a bullet list or information & your video moves out of the way)
  • Snap Zoom (similar to punch-in but with lots of cool fast real motion blur)
  • Bounce Title (text & bars bounce in)
  • Box Title (outlined box around your revealing text & blurs the background)
  • Brush Wipe Text (reveal your text with a wipe of paint)
  • Twirl (twist or twirl a portion or all of the screen)
  • Shape Burst (burst & spin a circle of shapes)
  • Snapshot (an instant camera photo popup)
  • Triangle Iris (3 drop zones slide in to form a triangle opening in the middle)
  • Orbit Text (a ring of 13 texts spin around your text or element with transparency)
  • Splatter Text (a splatter of blood or paint reveals your text)
  • Text on a Circle (add text to a scaleable circle shape)
  • Wriggle (make anything randomly shake like a handheld camera or jittery text)
  • Strobe (make your text strobe or stutter like it was shot at a slower frame rate)
  • Extrude (add depth to any object, not just text!)
  • Unsharp Mask (a superior way to sharpen finer details without adding harsh contrast)
  • Emboss & Bevel (emboss images or bevel areas of transparency)
  • Color Fill (fill any element with color, respecting the alpha, transparency & opacity)
  • Arrow (a customizable arrow shape)
  • Dashed Lines (vertical &/or horizontal dashed lines)
  • Border (an improved simple border effect that follows the built in crop controls)
  • Dropzone Color Wipe (colors wipe across from right to left while revealing a dropzone)

Download Power Tools Lite for FCPX for free here! Grand Opening 8/16! | BretFX - Plugins, Effects ...

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