Descript’s podcast editor includes an AI voice double for dubbing over mistakes

By Nick Statt and Descript

Multimedia editing and transcription provider Descript announced a redesigned version of its audio editing software that’s geared toward podcast producers. The product, officially called Descript Podcast Studio, features a lot of the forward-thinking approaches to audio editing the company, created by Groupon founder and former CEO Andrew Mason, was founded on.

Most prominently, that includes the ability to easily edit an artificial intelligence-generated transcription of your audio file as if you were editing a word document. Essentially, Descript turns your audio into text, broken up by who’s speaking, and it then lets you manipulate those audio files as if you were editing on a text version of the script in a word processor. Delete a sentence or two, and Descript will automatically shorten the file to make the recording sound smooth and natural.

Descript even comes with three free trial hours of transcription too!

Read more about Descript‘s AI Voice Doubler (with an interactive example) on their website and youtube channel.

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