100 Free Digital Contact Lenses by Red Giant!

by Red Giant


Halloween is getting closer, and while we don’t have any candy to hand out, we do have a few tricks and a treat, in the form of a new tutorial and an insanely awesome project file from Red Giant’s own Lead Designer, Leo Hageman.

Leo walks you through this tutorial using our free digital contact lens project file, so you can get up and running quickly. Along the way, he’ll cover some of the tools in our VFX Suite, Magic Bullet Suite and Universe.

Tutorial: The Thing with a Hundred Eyes

Leo has created an easy-to-use project with 100 different eye presets, based on characters from Hollywood movies and TV shows. There are 2 versions of the project file. One that uses only native effects in Adobe AE CC2019, and a much cooler enhanced version that uses VFX Suite and Magic Bullet Suite.

DOWNLOAD free digital contact lens project file here.

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