Free Cinematic LUTS for Photoshop and Premiere Pro

By Shareef Saadi

Free cinematic LUTS for photoshop color grading and premiere pro

Use these FREE LUTS from Shareef Saadi to give you a more filmic-look to your footage. It’s a professional pack with natural skin tones.

Make sure to correct the footage first, then use the LUT as a base color grading look to adjust for taste. When you import these LUTS into Premiere Pro, you will be able to choose LUT from the Lumetri Tab or Creative Menu, then use the fade option to adjust the look intensity. Make sure to check the Neutral.cube LUT file… this can be used for both Photoshop and Premiere for color correction (this is when you have a Flat image like S-log or S-log2 or any Cinestyle picture profile.)

Free LUTS Download :

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