VSDC Video Editor: Can free video editing software be any good? Yes, it can…

by DroneDJ

When it comes to free software, you’re relying on continuous support and upgrades, courtesy of a network of volunteers who believe in the product. Finds like that are truly a score, and we like to share news of them when we can. So it’s in that spirit that this post will alert some of you to a great piece of video software made with drone users in mind. Enter: VSDC Video Editor.

Of course you’ve heard of Final Cut Pro X. Also Avid, along with Adobe Premiere Pro. They’re among the most popular pieces of video editing software out there. But these professional programs are not free. FCPX, for example, costs $299. And Premiere Pro costs roughly twice that annually when you add up the monthly fees. And that makes free editing software all the more desirable for some of us.

The free VSDC video editor software, as you’ll see, is capable of doing nearly all the things most paid software can carry out, and it’s all designed to be a great experience for drone users. But it’s also a full-fledged video editor for just about any project, and has a quite impressive feature set and UI for a free product.

Take a look at  VSDC Video Editor here.

Given the feature set, you’re probably bracing yourself for a high price for the “Pro” version. Well, you can relax. It’s $19.99.

You can buy the Pro version here. And you can download the free version here.

Happy cutting!

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