Speakflow.com (formerly teleprompt.me) is a Free Teleprompter Online App

by Speakflow.com

Big news – I’ve decided to change the name of teleprompt.me to Speakflow (speakflow.com). As I continue to grow this small business, I wanted a name that suits my plans to roll out more features and tools for content creators. 

With a new name, I can comfortably grow in a way that makes sense. We haven’t been bought or acquired by another company. The only things that are changing are the name and logo (slightly).

If you want to reach out with questions, comments, or general feedback email team@speakflow.com . I appreciate your continued support!

Thank you! 

How it works

Speakflow is an application that runs in your website browser. There’s nothing to download to your computer, phone or tablet. 

In short, you can create account, write scripts, and read them aloud while the teleprompter listens to your voice, and scrolls the page for you. Read more detail about Speakflow, here.

  • Free users can create one script, limited to 1200 characters.

Features include:  
Voice recognitionCreate and save one script (max 1200 characters) Rich text formatting

  • Pro users can create unlimited scripts with no character limits.

All features including:  
Create and save unlimited scripts Mirror text (for use with physical teleprompters)Remote Mode (sync multiple devices)

2 thoughts on “Speakflow.com (formerly teleprompt.me) is a Free Teleprompter Online App

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Can you tell me please where speakflow store de records?

    I am not able to find where the recordings are hosted even if they are audio only like the test i just did.


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