Hate Captioning, Transcribing? And What of Multiple Languages? Here’s REV…

by Rev.com

You’re an editor, right? So why must you add the skills of an Office Administrator to your required skill-set? Captioning and transcribing in your native language is hard enough, but what if you have to add those attributes to your final project in multiple languages? Ugghhhh! Tack on hours upon hours of typing, fixing, and re-timing those within your native editor! Not me…

Rev.com is a Godsend!

Choose from various formats and languages

Friends, I invite you to try Rev and get $10 off your first order. At $1.25 (US) per minute, you can caption and/or transcribe your short 7 minute film or project for free. My gosh, think of the time you’ll save, the headaches you can avoid! You can download as many facebook .srt, transcripts, and other various caption files (multiple files) for a single price. And they’ve got almost two dozen languages (and growing) to choose from, for a bit more money per minute but still well with it.

In the amount of time it took me to write this post, I received 12 minutes of captions and transcripts from my two projects I’m working on. Can you believe that? Even if you’re a speed typist, it’d still take you longer than that to bring that in/out of your editor. All I have left is to review their captioning on their easy to use website (just to verify name spellings, etc–), download all the files I want then upload them to my favorite youtube or vimeo video. The accuracy of Rev, for me, is well above 95%. I even download the transcription for each and every project, just to keep in case I need for future use. Had a project you worked on a few years ago and you need to update the captions or transcription? Rev allows you to access past projects, forever. Already have a script? Just upload and Rev will convert it into your favorite caption file timed to your project.

Easily edit timing and mis-spellings with REV’s online editor

But find out for yourself…

Here’s a link for $10 off (ie: up to a 7 minute video for free) to give Rev a try: try.rev.com/3mJcLS You’ll be glad you did!

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