Adobe’s New Caption Workflow for Premiere Pro 2021

by Larry Jordan

With the release of the March, 2021, update to Premiere Pro, Adobe introduced a new caption workflow. “Premiere Pro provides a comprehensive captions toolset that lets you create edit, stylize, and export captions and subtitles in all supported formats.” (Adobe Help)

We can import existing captions or create new ones directly in Premiere. Captions appear on their own track where we can adjust them as though they were clips. (In this regard, captions in Premiere now emulate captions in Final Cut.)

Captions even have their own workspace!

NOTE: If you want to compare the new system to the earlier system, here’s an article that describes “the old way.”


Premiere supports the following sidecar caption formats: SCC, MCC, XML, STL, SRT, and DFXMP. The XML format supports: DFXP (W3C TTML), SMPTE-TT and EBU-TT.

  • Subtitles -> SRT, STL
  • OP47 / EBU Subtitles / Teletext -> .xml, .stl, .srt
  • CEA608-> .scc, .mcc, .stl, .srt
  • CEA708 -> .scc, .mcc, .srt

Here’s what the new caption process looks like.

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