What are the best disk space analyzers?

by speed-up-mac.com

How much do you know about your Mac? It depends on why you are using your computer. If you are not a computer geek, perhaps you don’t know much about your hard drive storage. But over time, after daily using the Mac, you may face the problem when “Your disk is almost full”. In this case, a hard drive analyzer software can help you to find out what exactly takes up space on it. In this article, you’ll find out the best disk space analyzers for Mac and how to use them.

Free disk space mac
How to Check Disk Space on a Mac?

You don’t need any additional software to check disk space on your Mac. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. In the Apple menu select About This Mac.
  2. Choose the Storage tab.
  3. After calculating, you will see a colored bar, where each segment measures the capacity of files type on Disk.
How to check disk space on mac

You can click Manage and follow recommendations for optimizing Mac disk space.

Six Apps to Analyze Disk Space

If you want to explore your Mac Disk space more fully, you can use special applications for that. In this article, we provide a list of apps for that task. They can analyze the disk usage in detail and quickly show the results of what is littering your disk. Most of them are smart and handy, take up little space on your Mac, and have a simple interface. Read on here to find out the most suitable app for your needs.

Mac cleanup utility

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