Uppbeat – Free Music for Your Online Productions

by Uppbeat

Free music for Videos. No copyright claims. Incredible music.

Uppbeat, a free music platform for YouTubers and content creators, has launched today. Aiming to capture the attention of those who are in need for quality free music, this new service from the creators of Music Vine, looks extremely interesting. Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s face it. The creative community is booming – YouTube, TikTok and other social media platforms – everyone is sharing some sort of video content these days. However, some common issue stays the same. Where to find quality music to accompany the videos and more so, how not to have copyright claims (which of course can lead to a loss of ad revenue). Up until now, the choice has been to either have one of the paid music license subscriptions, or, use YouTube’s Audio Library. Now, with the launch of Uppbeat, YouTubers and content creators can enjoy a free music platform, built from the ground up for the creator community. With a diverse catalog and curated playlists, many types of music content can be found rather easily. 

Free Subscription:

With access to 50% of the entire catalog (1000 tracks), Uppbeat’s free users can download ten full-length tracks per month. Those tracks can be freely used in YouTube videos without risking copyright claims (an “Uppbeat credit”, text mention must be included in the YouTube video description in order to clear copyrights).

Check out this free music for creators!

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