Download FREE Social Media Assets for Earth Day

by Grace Fussell, Shutterstock

Earth Day takes place on April 22nd. We can make a significant impact through taking remarkably simple actions at home and work. 

Earth Day GIF

The first thing you can do is download this FREE GIF and social media image bundle, and share these images with your followers, friends, and family. This fun and educational image bundle provides four super-easy tips for lessening your environmental impact on a daily basis—from always carrying a reusable shopping bag to consolidating your online orders to minimize package waste. 

Ok, maybe a bunch of GIFs never solved anything. But they can be a fun way to remind us what’s important (hello, planet). And they’re free!

This FREE downloadable bundle contains both GIF and static images to share on your social media account. Inside your bundle, you’ll find eight static images for Instagram Posts. Plus, you’ll find five images sized for Stories, which can be sequenced across a number of slides. Also included are two animated GIFs—one demonstrating the four easy actions individuals can take to reduce their environmental impact, while the other promotes Earth Day in a quick and catchy animation.

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