Advanced Photoshop for Everyone | FREE COURSE

by Envato Tuts+

This advanced Photoshop tutorial is dedicated to all lovers of Photoshop, no matter your skill level.

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Designed to show you a new way around your workflow, this course helps you learn Photoshop by providing you with real-world examples for building a mixed media piece of digital art from start to finish. Instructor Melody Nieves will teach incredible tips for building a better workflow, editing images, using Photoshop effects, Photoshop manipulation, photo manipulation, and painting fantastical scenes.

An Advanced Photoshop tutorial

If you’re looking for a Beginner level Photoshop course, check out Photoshop for Beginners…

Photoshop for Beginners

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1 Introduction

0:00:00​ 1.1 Welcome to the Course

0:58:19​ 1.2 How to Set Up Your Photoshop Workspace

0:05:06​ 1.3 Essential Photoshop Tools

0:10:53​ 1.4 Finding Inspiration

0:13:54​ 1.5 Choosing Your Format

2 How to Create Mixed Media Art in Adobe Photoshop

0:17:55​ 2.1 Using Adjustment Layers

0:24:16​ 2.2 Building the Composition

0:32:18​ 2.3 Photoshop Lighting Effects

0:42:54​ 2.4 Digital Painting Using Photoshop Brushes

0:56:02​ 2.5 Finalizing the Details

3 Conclusion

01:10:29​ 3.1 Conclusion

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