Screenwriting Terms — Abbreviations, Definitions & Vocab


“Under no uncertain terms…”

There are a lot of intricacies in scripts that present challenges to even the most veteran of screenwriters. The process of writing a script is difficult enough but the vocabulary, abbreviations, and defintions related to the job can be a bit elusive. But don’t worry, we’re going to cover a variety of screenwriting terms that every screenwriter needs to know. By the end, you’ll be ready to apply a variety of screenwriting techniques to your own script.

Note on screenwriting terms

This article is separated into two sections: screenplay terms and shooting script terms. The former includes all of the terms you need to know if you’re planning on writing a spec script or you’re planning on passing the script off to a director. The latter includes all of the terms you need to know to turn the screenplay into an actionable production.

With that note out of the way, let’s jump into some screenwriting terms, here!

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