Clear Skies in 30 Seconds: New Sky Replacement Feature in Photoshop 2021

by Adobe

Sky Replacement

One of the most talked about features in Adobe’s recently updated Photoshop 2021 is Sky Replacement.

While it is always preferable is to capture the sky with good exposure and with bright, colourful clouds, sometimes this just isn’t possible.

This image shows several inset photos of two girls with their hands in the air

If you’ve ever been in a beautiful place at the wrong time of day or with bad weather — or if you just want to set a mood with storm clouds or a blazing sun — the new Sky Replacement feature is for you. Changing a photo’s sky the old-fashioned way could easily take you 30-60 minutes to select the sky, remove it, find a good sky to swap in, clean up the edges of the selection and then harmonize the color. But now you can select the original sky and replace it with a sky of your choice in just a few clicks, and Photoshop will automatically adjust the colors of the image to match your selection.

Choose Edit > Sky Replacement to use this feature.

Read on, it’s clear skies ahead!

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