Easy: Motion Tracking Essential Graphics in Premiere Pro

by The Premiere Pro

Do you need to add motion tracking to your Essential Graphics in Premiere Pro?

How to Track Titles For Motion Object in After Effects | Call Out Title  Tracking | AE Tutorial - YouTube

The two most common motion tracking workflows are

1) do it all in After Effects (auto tracking)

2) do it all in Premiere Pro (manual tracking)

But there is a third option that’s easy, it allows you to keep your animations in Premiere and doesn’t require you to manually keyframe everything.

This workflow is ideal for people who are not familiar with After Effects or would just prefer to keep all their assets in the one Premiere Pro project.

In this example, I use a call-out title that I created using the Essential Graphics panel, but you can use any graphic.


00:00:00 Intro

00:00:34 Prepare the footage for motion tracking

00:01:18 Track motion in the footage

00:03:35 Apply the motion tracking to the graphic

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