New! The Loudness Meter in Premiere

by Larry Jordan –

The new Loudness Meter provides very granular details on audio levels.
The new Loudness Meter in Premiere & Audition, using the YouTube setting.

New with the May, 2021, update to both Audition and Premiere Pro is the Loudness Meter; separate from the long-standing Loudness Radar. Here’s how the Meter works.

  • Apply the Loudness Meter (Effects > Audio Effects > Special > Loudness Meter) the same as any other effect.
  • In Effect Controls, scroll down until you see Loudness Meter, then click the Edit button.

The Loudness Meter is displayed (see screen shot).

NOTE: This measures audio levels, it does not adjust them.

  • From the Presets menu, choose the monitoring settings you want to use for your audio. 

NOTE: You can adjust these settings using the Settings tab in this panel.

For example, the YouTube setting has a target of -14 LUFS, with a maximum true peak of -1 dBTP.

NOTE: There are four different options for measurement scale: LUFS, LKFS, LU/LUFS and LU/LKFS. My general preference is LKFS.

I like the Radar because it shows audio levels over time. I like the new Loudness Meter because it shows more granular detail about my audio on an instant-by-instant basis.

Read more on the Loudness Meter from another source, first

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