Want Simple Drone Insurance? Try SkyWatch

by Scott Simmie, DroneDJ

SkyWatch, insurance app

So you’re set for a recreational flight. Something goes wrong, and a bystander gets clipped with a prop. Before you know it, there’s a lawsuit and they’re seeking damages of $750,000. This could, unless you’ve literally got money to burn, wipe you out. But there’s a better way: insurance.

Most professional operations (and all truly professional operations) fly with insurance. Even if the likelihood of an incident is slim, it’s better to be prepared. And the best way to be prepared is to have a policy that will protect you if something goes wrong. So why don’t more recreational pilots have this?

Well, we could say overconfidence – and that’s easy to understand, given that many products these days are incredibly stable in the sky. But one of the other factors is cost. Buying an annual drone insurance policy that covers you for liability and hull insurance isn’t cheap. One of my policies (covering an Inspire 2) was in the neighborhood of CAD $1,000. [Continued]

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