How to Install and Use Motion Graphic Templates (MOGRT) in Premiere Pro + FREE Templates

by Michael Maher | Rocketstock

An incredibly powerful tool that not nearly enough people are using. MOGRTs give video editors the power of After Effects motion design tools all inside of Premiere Pro.

It’s not a shock to say that video editors will often turn to using After Effects templates, only to be completely lost and confused in AE. It’s not an intuitive program if you don’t spend all your time in there. This is something Adobe knows and is one of the reasons why they created MOGRTs.  These motion graphics templates brings After Effects features into Premiere Pro natively. Meaning you can open this template in Premiere Pro and edit the text, color, and a variety of options all inside of Premiere. You never have to open After Effects to make adjustments or change options.

This is the one MOGRT I personally use the most.

Here’s how you can start using them in your projects and a few (FREE!) mogrts you should download yourself.

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