How to Fix Desaturated Colors in Your Premiere Pro Export

BY LOGAN BAKER | Premiumbeat

Is your exported footage looking a little washed-out? Here’s how to fix Premiere’s weird exporting problem.

I don’t remember exactly when I realized I was having this issue, but it was around 2018 that I started noticing my exports were looking a little washed out. As in, there was a pretty significant (at least to an editor’s eye) drop in saturation and, to some degree, contrast. 

Here’s an example of a shot I captured last winter. This is already graded.

Premiere Desaturated Side-by-Side

Back then, the real problem was that I couldn’t actually tell if this was a real problem. Like, maybe my eyes were just worn out from looking at the same images and colors for hours. Perhaps I was experiencing the visual version of whatever it’s called when a word is repeated so much that it loses all meaning. (Nougat. Nougat. Nowgut. Wait, what?)

Turns out, it wasn’t just simple eye fatigue. It was, in fact, a thing. It was common, even. I was happy to hear I wasn’t alone in facing this issue, because that meant a solution likely already existed. 

Now, let’s take a look at why this happens and how to fix it.

Read Adobe’s blog about why this happens here: 😁

Download Adobe’s Correction LUT from my site:…

My Video Export Settings:…

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