20 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do in FCP

by Jenn Jager Pro Tutorials

We promise you’ve never seen some of these Final Cut Tricks before. Make sure you stick around for Jenn’s last FCP hack which is truly a favorite!

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:29 How to Deselect Color Mask in FCP
  • 01:19 How to Import Clip Ranges in Final Cut Pro
  • 01:39 Sorting Fonts in Final Cut Pro
  • 01:56 How to make Slip Edits without moving Connected Clips
  • 02:48 Add to Audition in Final Cut
  • 03:53 How to Break Apart Compound Clips in Final Cut
  • 04:46 How to Change Connection Points in Final Cut
  • 05:13 Rotate in Increments in FCP
  • 05:14 Using Photoshop Files in FCP
  • 06:08 How to make text track in in FCP
  • 06:48 How to make transitions all one length in Final Cut Pro
  • 07:13 Free Sound Effects in Final Cut Pro
  • 07:54 Hidden Text Styles in Final Cut
  • 08:29 How to Save Effects Presets in Final Cut
  • 10:27 Clip Skimming in Final Cut Pro
  • 11:02 Slow Motion Playback in Final Cut Pro
  • 11:35 Duplicating Clips in Final Cut Pro
  • 11:51 Clearing Selected Ranges in Final Cut Pro
  • 12:11 What are Snapshot Projects in Final Cut?
  • 14:17 Adjusting Effects Mix hack in Final Cut Pro

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