45 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do in FCP

by Jenn Jager Pro Tutorials

Final Cut Pro video editor Jenn Jager’s got Part 2 of things you didn’t know you can do in FCP like Tear Drop Fades to Frame Blending and Optical Flow that come in handy and save you so much time. If you missed Part 1 of this series, you can view it below…


00:00 Introduction 00:29 How to Deselect Color Mask in FCP 01:19 How to Import Clip Ranges in Final Cut Pro 01:39 Sorting Fonts in Final Cut Pro 01:56 How to make Slip Edits without moving Connected Clips 02:48 Add to Audition in Final Cut 03:53 How to Break Apart Compound Clips in Final Cut 04:46 How to Change Connection Points in Final Cut 05:13 Rotate in Increments in FCP 05:14 Using Photoshop Files in FCP 06:08 How to make text track in in FCP 06:48 How to make transitions all one length in Final Cut Pro 07:13 Free Sound Effects in Final Cut Pro 07:54 Hidden Text Styles in Final Cut 08:29 How to Save Effects Presets in Final Cut 10:27 Clip Skimming in Final Cut Pro 11:02 Slow Motion Playback in Final Cut Pro 11:35 Duplicating Clips in Final Cut Pro 11:51 Clearing Selected Ranges in Final Cut Pro 12:11 What are Snapshot Projects in Final Cut? 14:17 Adjusting Effects Mix hack in Final Cut Pro


00:00 Introduction 00:26 How to Import Folders in FCP 00:43 Skimming clips in the Browser 01:14 Smart Conform 02:34 Find and Replace Text 03:15 Replacing Multiple Transitions in FCP 03:50 How to Export with and Alpha Channel in FCP 04:38 How to Record Voiceovers in FCP 05:22 Range Check 05:55 How to restore default settings in FCP 06:09 Replace and Retime in FCP 06:47 Favoriting Ranges in FCP 07:56 Loudness vs Volume in FCP 08:49 Event Viewer 09:59 Retiming Titles in FCP 11:25 Precision Color Correction 11:52 Splitting Closed Captions in FCP 12:46 Changing Gap Clip colors in FCP 13:38 Placeholders 15:26 Frame Blending and Optical Flow 16:15 Backtimed Overwrite Edits 17:12 Slide Edits 17:43 Play Around 19:07 To Do Markers 19:49 Merge Events 20:14 Tear drop fades

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