The Importance of Creating a Sizzle Reel

by Tanner Shinnick, (This is an excerpt.) Typically, a sizzle reel is a three to five minute summation of your story’s main plot points, narrative approach, direction, and introduction to your main characters. Unlike a stylish, marketing-motivated trailer or demo reel, a sizzle is a cohesive, narrative visual approach that gives your audience an ultra-clear look […]

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4 Reasons Why Slowing Down Will Actually Make You More Successful

By Andrew Thomas It sounds backwards, but slowing down is actually a faster way to succeed. Here’s why. Go faster. Do more. Hustle. Hustle even more. Sound familiar? Social media is full of influencers, entrepreneurs, and “gurus” touting the virtues of hustling at all costs. It’s reached the point where hustling, and even just talking about hustling, […]

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5 Tips for Making a Killer Reel

by It’s easy to compare reels to resumés. It’s a make-or-break career moment, an opportunity to get your foot in the door by showing your skills to employers. But, there is one key difference between the two: a reel gives you nothing to hide behind. No pretty cover letter. No “proficient in Microsoft Word.” […]

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