OMG, Someone is Hijacking My Email!

by Larry Jordan Protect Your Business – and Reputation Larry’s lead article this week explains what happened in more detail – and more importantly what he did to stop it. In this article, Larry also provide links for you to learn more. If you are running your own business, with your own email and website, you need to […]

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Mac Trash Can’t Be Deleted?

by Caleb Kingston If you’re like me and backup your mac using Time Machine, you may have tried dragging some older backup files into the trash only to discover when you try to empty the trash, you get this error… Some items in the Trash cannot be deleted because of System Integrity Protection. Although there […]

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Useful Mac Startup Key Combo’s You Should Familiarize Yourself With

by Christian Zibreg Most of the time, your Mac just works—until it refuses to start up properly due to an unforeseen system error, a misbehaving app, a broken system component and what not. Beyond system errors, different people have different needs when it comes to starting up their computer. For example, you could be a pro user who dual […]

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Apple Has Discontinued Its Photo Printing Services—Here Are 7 Alternatives

by The holidays are fast approaching and, as is my home, popular gift ideas include holiday cards, family photos, and calendars. Apple has discontinued its popular photo printing services that I’ve used for so many years, which enabled you to create and order physical prints, cards, calendars, and books from within Photos on the […]

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