10 Underrated After Effects Plugins, Scripts, and Presets (Some Free!)

BY CHARLES YEAGER | Premiumbeat In After Effects, sometimes the most popular effects aren’t always the most used. At least, on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, I wanted to highlight ten underrated plugins, scripts, and presets that I find to be quite useful. We’ll preview each one, so you can find what you’re looking for […]

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Complete Beginner’s Guide to Blender

BY PREMIUMBEAT New to Blender? Here’s what you need to know to get started using this powerful, free 3D creation suite. 3D modeling and computer graphics are skyrocketing in use. Content channels of all kinds are increasingly dependent on animation, visual effects, motion graphics, and VR. Game design, 3D printing, texturing, skinning, particle simulation, compositing—you name it. Content powers the […]

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Free iWork Templates for Pages, Keynote and Numbers

by freeiworktemplates.com freeiworktemplates.com has been offering Pages, Keynote and Numbers (iWork) freebies since 2008. They’ve been staging a comeback in recent months with some new templates. See them all here. Pages Templates Templates for Apple’s Word Processor and Page Layout Software Pages Keynote Themes Templates Designed for Apple’s Presentation Software Keynote Numbers Templates Templates Designed […]

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by XEffects 6 Free Simple Titles is a collection of free plugin titles for Final Cut Pro.  All the plugins have been designed to be fully customisable with optional build-in and build-outs. The text can be changed to any colour and any font. Each graphic element can be adjusted to match the text dimensions and they also […]

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