How to Setup and Use Your GoPro as a Webcam

by GoPro Here are some popular tools that support GoPro Webcam on Mac: YouTube Live – Using Chrome Zoom – App/Chome Webex – Using Chrome  Slack – Using Chrome  Google Meet  Microsoft Teams Skype – Using Chrome Twitch – via OBS BlueJeans – App GoTo Meeting Facebook Rooms – App/Chrome  Discord – Using Chrome Snap Camera Instructions for Mac Users Preview Webcam Camera Orientation Using the […]

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Descript’s podcast editor includes an AI voice double for dubbing over mistakes

By Nick Statt and Descript Multimedia editing and transcription provider Descript announced a redesigned version of its audio editing software that’s geared toward podcast producers. The product, officially called Descript Podcast Studio, features a lot of the forward-thinking approaches to audio editing the company, created by Groupon founder and former CEO Andrew Mason, was founded on. Most prominently, that […]

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The Cam-A-Lot: A Video Conferencing Background Privacy Screen

by Gig Gear Working from home. Video conferencing. Distance teaching and learning. Virtual meetings. These are all becoming more and more commonplace especially with the current situation throughout the world. Technology allows us to meet, work and learn virtually but it doesn’t always do the best job of keeping our homes and private lives out […]

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The Best Free Video Editing Programs

By Logan Baker, Shutterstock Are you getting started in film-making or video editing? Consider these free editing programs to round out your toolkit and improve your creative workflow. If you’re just starting out in your editing, videography, or directing career, you might feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless programs, techniques, and types of videos out […]

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