Current Video Trends In Real Estate

by GreenBuzz, Madison Edwards Shopping for a house just isn’t the same as shopping for your next Amazon purchase. The buying process is so complex, with many factors influencing your customer’s ultimate decision. Real Estate Agents have a challenge to market their product to careful and considerate buyers who aren’t likely to be easily influenced. That […]

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Tim Dashwood Joins Apple, Over $1000 Worth of His Final Cut Plugins Are Now Free!

by iClarified Tim Dashwood, founder of 11 Motion Pictures and its sister companies Dashwood Cinema Solutions and the Toronto-based stereoscopic 3D production company Stereo3D Unlimited, has joined Apple, reports Dashwood is the creator of 360VR Toolbox and other popular plugins for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. All his plugins, worth […]

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Freebie: After Effects Basic Course with 24 Lessons

by Master the Basics of After Effects Let’s face it, Adobe After Effects can be complicated and confusing, especially when trying to use it without understanding the basics of the software. Adobe After Effects is the leading software for advanced text animation, intro animation, picture presentations and adding 3D elements to your videos. In […]

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