7 Essential AE Scripts

by Kevin McAuliffe, Moviola As you familiarize yourself with After Effects, many tasks start getting tedious and repetitive. If you’re looking for a way to automate these, Kevin McAuliffe has the answer: Scripts! Join Kevin as he walks you through some of his most time and labor saving scripts, how to implement them, and where […]

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101 Free Templates for Adobe After Effects (and How to Make Your Own!)

by Envato Market Templates for Adobe After Effects are an awesome way to automate your workflow and add creative visuals to your videos. Use After Effects Templates to Create Quality Videos Quickly As After Effect’s popularity has increased, so too has the usage of templates to modify and enhance video projects. Because After Affects is […]

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How To Make Metallic 3D Text in After Effects (Without Any Plugins!)

by Todd Blankenship, Rocketstock Creating metallic text is a common motion graphics request. But it used to be difficult to get professional results natively in After Effects. Not anymore. While it has been possible for a while to get 3D text in After Effects thanks to Video Copilot’s Element 3D, it has been impossible to do it in […]

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Free Tools for After Effects by Mekajiki

by Mekajiki Mekajiki, makers of RenderGarden for After Effects, have several helpful free tools that can free-up memory, make it easier to find and launch scripts, quickly extract alpha channels from luminance, and more. Mekajiki: FreeTools UnMult Quickly extract alpha channels from luminance with this Adobe After Effects plug- in. Extract light effects such as flares […]

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