‘The Inside Tips’ by Larry Jordan

by Larry Jordan What Are “The Inside Tips?” Curated by Larry Jordan, these are free newsletters, short and tightly focused on media creators, to help you become more efficient. Published once or twice each week, each “Tip Letter” contains three or more Inside Tips you can put to use immediately! Choose your subjects, then – POOF! – Larry drops some […]

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Near 200 Free Motion Graphics, Sound Effects, Action Elements, and More

BY LOGAN BAKER, Premiumbeat Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced video content creator, these elements and effects are easy-to-use, accessible tools that will absolutely increase your production value. So, let’s just get into this, shall we? Here are all of the free assets… Rather than explain how rad some of our other free stuff […]

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Free Rotation Transitions – Final Cut Pro X

by Ryan Nangle 5 Preset Rotation Transitions. To install simply save the download folder in your Motion Templates, Transitions folder. Heres a TUTORIAL on how to INSTALL plugins to FCPX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUugTZYnyGI Only works with normal 16:9 aspect ratios. System Requirements: FCP X 10.2.1 or above   DOWNLOAD: Free Download:https://sellfy.com/p/2Jsp/ Full Pack: https://sellfy.com/p/IVr7/      

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Quick Tip: Matching Shot Colors

BY LOGAN BAKER, Premiumbeat Matching shot colors between two clips is easier than ever with these simple tips for Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro users Keeping your shots well lit and consistently colored throughout your project can be one of the most challenging aspects of video production. Whether you’re shooting with different cameras, shooting at […]

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mCamRig: Free Automatic Camera Animation Plugin For FCPX

by motionVFX Automatic Camera Animation Plugin Exclusively For FCPX mCamRig allows you to easily create dynamic camera animation right inside Final Cut Pro X. Animate pans, zooms, dollies and other camera properties without any keyframes. mCamRig plugin is a must-have for every editor who wants to add some space to the project. Without hours of arduous keyframing you […]

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