Lucasfilm Thinks Real-Time CGI Can Revolutionize the Filmmaking Process

October 2, 2013 By Mike Rose Lucasfilm plans to utilize video game engines to render movie scenes in real-time, potentially eliminating the post-production process in film-making over the next decade. Speaking at the Technology Strategy Board event at BAFTA in London recently, and as reported by The Inquirer, Lucasfilm’s CTO Kim Libreri explained that advances […]

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Welcome to a World through Glass

March 20, 2013 by Google GLASS Want to see how Glass actually feels? It’s surprisingly simple. Say “take a picture” to take a picture. Record what you see, hands free. Even share what you see, live. Ask whatever’s on your mind. Google Glass (stylized simply as GLASS) is an augmented reality wearable computer with a […]

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First Look: Adobe Prelude CS6

May 18, 2012 by Larry Jordan Adobe Prelude CS6 is a brand-new application for Windows and Mac that shipped last week with the rest of the Adobe CS6 update. According to Adobe’s website: “Adobe® Prelude™ CS6 software streamlines your production tasks. Ingest nearly any file-based format and begin logging immediately, creating searchable markers and other […]

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