BREAKING NEWS: This New Drone Bill Would Make the Airspace Over People’s Homes Private Property

By: Miriam McNabb, Dronelife A new proposal scheduled to be released from the office of Senator Lee (R-Utah) tomorrow would put the airspace up to 200 feet in altitude over private property under the control of the property owner  – and would restrict the FAA’s right to regulate airspace below 200 feet in altitude, making any […]

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Why Drone Delivery of Food is Actually Important

By: Miriam McNabb, Dronelife Israeli-based drone delivery solutions firm Flytrex and North Carolina-based charter flight company Causey Aviation recently announced that they have received FAA Approval to begin food delivery by drone in North Carolina.  And while grocery or restaurant delivery may not be lifesaving missions, they are critical to the drone industry. Read more from Dronelife here.

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Learn Drone Video Production

by Envato Tuts+ Drones or light unmanned vehicles are opening the skies to brand new kinds of affordable aerial filmmaking. In this course learn about the innovative world of drones and how you can achieve cinematic shots that were once limited to big-budget productions. You will also learn how to fully integrate drones into your […]

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The FAA’s New Rules for Recreational Drones

By: Miriam McNabb It’s time.  The FAA will now implement some of the changes in regulations for recreational drones which will follow on the passage of the FAA Reauthorization Act passed last year. The FAA Reauthorization Act repealed Section 336 of the previous FAA Reauthorization, which protected recreational aircraft from new laws.  The move to repeal came in response to […]

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