Free Friday: More than 2 Dozen 3D LUTS by Picture Instruments

by Picture Instruments All 3D LUTs in JPG-Format can be applied in Unlimited Filters (Basic and Pro). Furthermore you can convert the 3D LUTs into .3dl and .cube format with Unlimited Filters Pro or Look Converter.  For instance… (and click here for the rest.) Pirata 02 Category: Landscape Photograph: Henry62 Filter ID: 31   Downloads: 46 Pirata […]

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Final Cut Pro X Music Tutorial

October 9, 2014 by Light Iron While there may never be a way to truly measure what makes an NLE “the best”, when it comes to choice, diversity is one of the most important things an editor should evaluate. This video takes a look into the audio advantages of Final Cut Pro X and how […]

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