Unsplash + Atoms = Free Mask Imagery

by Mikael and the Unsplash team Unsplash is teaming up with Atoms to make visuals that depict today’s reality with masks openly accessible. Masks have become part of our culture, but they haven’t entered our visual culture. If you search shopping, school, or travel, the visuals you see don’t represent how we actually go about […]

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Freebies: Assets for Action Films

by Toolfarm Toolfarm has collected several Assets for Action Films in this Freebie Roundup. Stuff too dangerous to shoot like explosions, guns, and bombs! Let’s start with… Detonate: 40 FREE Explosion SFX and VFX Elements Download 15 free explosion elements and 25 explosion sound effects from Premium Beat for your next action film! and… Free […]

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The BBC has released 16,000+ sound effects for free download

by Bill Robinson The BBC have opened up their insane archive of over 16,000 sound effects, (16,011 entries to be exact) which you can now download in WAV format free of charge. The samples are being released under the RemArc license, meaning they can be used for “personal, educational or research purposes“. Read more… View download catalog here.

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