Reasons You Should Be Renting Your Gear Out on ShareGrid

BY RACHEL WILSON, Premiumbeat The popular camera-sharing community ShareGrid is expanding into all fifty states. Here’s how you can make their equipment rental model work for you. 1. Maximize Your Income In the last few years, ShareGrid has paid millions of dollars in rental revenue to individual equipment owners, while also saving customers 30-50 percent […]

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6 Cheap Add-Ons For Your Video Gear

By Tony Gomez   Every filmmaker is different no matter how much experience they have or don’t have. However, every filmmaker could always use some help being better prepared and making their shots more effective. Here are 6 cheap add-ons to your production gear before your next shoot:  1. Have a Mini Camera Tripod     […]

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7 Ways to Survive in the Field

By Gavin Garrison, Pond5     What does it mean to survive in the world of filmmaking? For content creators working on location, in addition to keeping ourselves alive, we have to be creative, innovative, and able to perform under pressure — to do whatever it takes to get the shot. Whether we’re shooting extreme […]

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