10 Things You Should Be Doing When Shooting B-Roll

by V. Renee, nofilmschool.com While you’re busy obsessing over your principal photography, your b-roll is over there begging for some attention. If you’re an experienced filmmaker, you know that all of your supplemental footage requires almost as much planning, preparation, and TLC as your principal photography. Just like with anything you shoot, you’ve got to […]

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Vlexignette, a free FCPX plugin

by Karsten Schlüter VLEXIGNETTE – the flexible Vignette This is Vlexignette, an on-screen-adjustable Vignette-Effect.     After applied to a clip, you notice 4 OSC – just drag’em to give your vignette your own shape. In the Inspector are two controls, Opacity and Feather. Watch. the demo: Click here for download and details as well […]

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