200+ Video Assets, Completely Free!

By Darin Bradley, Premiumbeat PremiumBeat has created 200+ motion design graphics, effects, and elements — and they’re 100% FREE. Over at PremiumBeat, it’s all about discovering digital assets to improve your filmmaking and editing — for free.  Previously, we’ve seen roundups of free motion graphic templates, free cinematic LUTs, free animated typefaces, free film grain overlays, and action compositing elements (plus lots […]

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Grain Freebies by Grainzilla

by Grainzilla Short & sweet today come a variety of a few grains and visuals from Grainzilla, along with 5 of their 4K letterbox frames all of which you simply drag & drop onto your footage and manipulate the opacity style any way you see fit. Done. Period. Download them all here. 35mm Digital Grain […]

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Editor’s Toolbox: I Need that Light Leak! edition by Nicole Haddock

by Nicole Haddock, Freelance Editor at Henninger Media Services For those of you who are like, “errr, light leaks?”, it’s basically a video clip with a black background whereupon light leaks into frame, even the entire frame. Dead useful for transitions, or adding a little jazz to a boring photo. These are most useful in […]

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FREE 35mm Kodak Film Grain

June 25, 2014 by Kim Sternisha, VisionColor Here is a free film grain plugin for After Effects from VisionColor, to give you that 35mm look you need. Download 35mm Kodak Film Grain here. This plugin works with After Effects and most other compositing software and NLE’s. Check these other great Freebies at VisionColor including 2 […]

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