Final Cut Pro: 15 Essential Tutorials

By Logan Baker | Shutterstock Thanks to the NLE’s robust built-in features and effects, Final Cut Pro X is a user-friendly application through and through. Of course, unlocking the full potential of FCPX takes time and patience. Fortunately, resources exist that can make the process easier.  With that in mind, here’s a list of a few helpful Final Cut […]

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Freebie: NewBlue Chroma Key Plug-in – Free Download Through June 30th 2021

by NewBlue Get Chroma Key Pro for FREE! NewBlue Chroma Key Pro delivers advanced color chroma keying with a variety of presets, tools and controls to change the range, sensitivity, spill and more – delivering fast and efficient color keying in a complete package. Easily remove your blue and green screens while fine‐tuning your look with […]

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Your next generation creative toolkit — powered by machine learning

by RunwayML RunwayML uses cutting-edge machine learning to power an entirely new way of creating, editing and exporting videos. I recently stumbled upon a (free) web-based Artificial Intelligence editor called RunwayML, which uses Machine Learning to analyse photos and videos, and can do some incredible things, like rotoscope subjects on any background – in essence […]

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The Cam-A-Lot: A Video Conferencing Background Privacy Screen

by Gig Gear Working from home. Video conferencing. Distance teaching and learning. Virtual meetings. These are all becoming more and more commonplace especially with the current situation throughout the world. Technology allows us to meet, work and learn virtually but it doesn’t always do the best job of keeping our homes and private lives out […]

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Master Your Own DIY Green Screen

by VideoMaker’s Chelsey Grasso Green screens offer a wide range of flexibility and creativity when it comes to making videos. From news reports to epic battle scenes, having the option of producing a chroma key green screen has made special effects and camera tricks much more accessible to the aspiring filmmaker. While green screen effects […]

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Free Green Screen Animations

by   Great Green Screen Elements Free Stock Footage and Animations for green and blue screen.  Dozens of clips to choose from, here! For example… 100 MIND BLOWING GREEN SCREEN effects pack special for commercial free use. You can really have fun with all these…

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