Adobe Premiere Pro's New 'Productions' Tool Explained

by Daron James, Premiere Pro feature aims to organize large-scale projects.  Adobe Premiere Pro announced a new I-didn’t-think-I-needed-this-but-I’m-glad-it’s-here feature dubbed “Productions.” Before we dive into exactly what it is. It’s not available, yet. Let me repeat that for our skim-readers: this a “coming soon” situation. It’s like the pre-roll footage before the actual trailer. This […]

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How to Delete Premiere Preference Files

by Larry Jordan – Most of the time, Premiere preference files are fine. Until… Most of the time, Premiere’s preference files don’t break. But… every so often, things in the application start to go… awry. When that happens: Quit Premiere.  Then, restart the application pressing Shift + Option as it launches. (Windows: Shift + Alt). You can […]

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