How To Hide A Lav On Every Outfit!

by Deity Microphones Location sound mixer Ben Quiles joins @Andrew_from_Deity Microphones to go over 10 different outfits and how you can hide lavaliers in all of them! From the basics to advanced techniques, we cover it all! Location sound mixers of all skill levels will learn something from this video. Business, casual, lazy, clubbing, workout clothes. […]

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Hiding a Lavalier Mic

September 19, 2012 by Hal Robertson, Videomaker Today’s lapel or “lav” mics are small and unobtrusive, but sometimes, you still need to hide one. There are plenty of shoot situations where hiding the lav is helpful, but where to put it? Fortunately, there are lots of options and, if you’ll stick with us for a […]

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