Fix Out-of-Focus Footage With This Simple Tip in Resolve or After Effects

BY LEWIS MCGREGOR | Premiumbeat Work around slightly out-of-focus footage with this simple DaVinci Resolve quick tip. It’s an easy mistake. For cinephiles and perfectionists, however, it will not suffice. Technically, you can’t fix an out-of-focus image. Many, however, would jump straight into a standard sharpen effect and apply it to the overall image. However, that isn’t effective […]

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An Impressive After Effects Expressions Cheat Sheet

BY LEWIS MCGREGOR | Premiumbeat No matter your experience, sometimes the basics require a slight refresh to nudge that memory awake. After Effects Expressions. I use them quite often. However, I’ll still find myself sometimes googling “After Effects loop keyframe expression,” even though I’ve done it a gazillion times in the past. Like the developer skit, […]

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Pick the Best SloMo Frame Rate

by Lewis McGregor, ShutterStock It wasn’t too long ago that shooting in slow motion was reserved only for cinema cameras. Or, at the very least, high-definition slow motion was reserved for cinema cameras. Today’s cameras now provide higher frame rates as a matter of course. However, which slow motion frame rate should you use for your online […]

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