Lighting Car Interiors

June 12, 2011 by, Robert G. Nulph, Ph.D Did you ever notice that in the movies we never have a problem seeing a person’s features while he’s driving down the road? Even at night? The next time you go driving, look over at your partner and focus on the light hitting his or her […]

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Alittle About Lighting: Terms

May 16, 2011 by VideoMaker Working with lights requires a knowledge of lighting lingo. Even if you know how to use lighting equipment, referring to your gear as “that doo-hickey” and “the one thing with that knobby-thing on it” will make you lose credibility with your clients and your production team. Knowing the proper terms […]

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Lighting Tip: Using Practicals

February 20, 2011 by VideoMaker Magazine Don’t have enough light? All is not lost-since we need light to see. There’s lots of it around, finding light for video is easier than you think. So what do you do if your lights get held up at the airport or if you don’t have any lights? One […]

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