Great Gear for Under $30?

By  Alyssa Miller | Need basic film equipment to make your shoots more cinematic? We are all on the hunt for great gear that doesn’t break the bank. Most filmmaking equipment tends to be on the pricier side, and searching for a better option can take quite a bit of time.  I tend to give […]

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Bridge the Gap Between Blender and After Effects With BlenderAE

By  Todd Blankenship | With this new affordable add-on, you can now connect Blender and After Effects. Long has been the frustration that Blender doesn’t have more After Effects tie-ins. After Effects has long had more Cinema 4D functionality, even including a lite version of Cinema 4D right there inside the software. Blender users, however, […]

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FXHome’s Free Virtual Production App Now Has Chroma Key Filters

By  NFS Staff, The company behind HitFilm has updated CamTrackAR, an app that allows you to capture video and 3D track the data simultaneously using Apple’s AR technology. CamTrackAR allows anyone to create virtual productions on the iPhone or iPad, where users can import and previs 3D models in real-time. With version 2.0, the app has added new features, including […]

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Capture iPhone Footage and 3D Tracking Data at the Same Time with This Free App

by Camera tracking after the fact isn’t easy. Here’s a way to do it while you’re shooting for free.  FXHome is known for HitFilm, popular desktop software that combines editing, compositing, tilting and 3D tools in one filmmaker friendly suite. With the release of version 15, the chroma key, auto-stabilizer, and motion tracking options are […]

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Adobe Premiere Pro’s New ‘Productions’ Tool Explained

by Daron James, Premiere Pro feature aims to organize large-scale projects.  Adobe Premiere Pro announced a new I-didn’t-think-I-needed-this-but-I’m-glad-it’s-here feature dubbed “Productions.” Before we dive into exactly what it is. It’s not available, yet. Let me repeat that for our skim-readers: this a “coming soon” situation. It’s like the pre-roll footage before the actual trailer. This […]

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Drone Shots You Should Be Using!

by V Renée, Drone footage can add a ton of production value to your work if you know what you’re doing. For the relatively inexpensive cost of a drone and an experienced operator (or plenty of hours of practice), you can get some dazzling shots from perspectives you’d never be able to get on […]

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