5 Ways to Edit Video Faster

by Michele Yamasaki, Toolfarm Whether you’ve been editing for years or you’re new to the process, there are always a few things you can learn. Although these tips are geared toward new editors, everyone wants to be more productive. A bit of preparation, in the beginning, can speed up your workflow through the whole process. At […]

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Quick DIT Organization Tips

by Casey Faris, Ground Control Keep Your Media Sorted During Ingest In this quick tutorial, Casey will show you a little tip for staying organized while copying media as a Digital Imaging Technician… Here’s another interesting and more involved article from NoFilmSchool on Digital Imaging Technicians.

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5 Underused Organizational Tools in Premiere Pro

by Caleb Ward, Rocketstock Clean up your messy projects with these five underused organizational tools in Premiere Pro. When it comes to video editing, organization is everything. Unfortunately, video editors are notorious for being incredibly disorganized and messy people. This is especially unfortunate if you are collaborating with a team in post. So if you’re sick […]

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