Fix Your Flicker Quick!

by V. Renee, Nope, it’s not magic, just really clever editing. You know when your video footage has that really nasty flickering in it? Yeah, that’s just the worst thing ever. “Where’s the hot shot that turned a strobe light on during the shoot,” you wonder, but hey, I promise it wasn’t the hot shots’ […]

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Tutorial: A Quick and Easy Way to Pull Off a Sweet Luma Fade Transition

by V. Renee, nofilmschool Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are that you’ve seen that sweet luma fade transition all over YouTube. Popularized by filmmaker Sam Kolder, the transition might look complicated, but it’s actually really simple to pull off in Adobe Premiere Pro. Using a gradient wipe, Peter McKinnon shows you how to do it in […]

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