Introducing NODE – A Drone Pilots Advocacy Group

The Network of Drone Enthusiasts (NODE) is a grassroots movement of drone users and manufacturers dedicated to ensuring fair and responsible drone regulations. NODE makes room for safer skies, but also provides a voice for those participating in the advancement of new technology that benefits millions worldwide.

Join our efforts to ensure a fair and more responsible implementation of drone regulations, and of course, our continued right to fly drones!

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Drone With The Wind

March 2, 2015 by The FAA Drone With The Wind The FAA proposed new rules for drone flight. Check out the full press release here. What does this mean for the video industry? It is actually not as bad as the last proposal that wanted all drone flyers to get a pilots license. Some high […]

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The FAA Wants You to Get a Pilot’s License Before Operating a Drone (No, Seriously)

December 11, 2014 by Robert Hardy, nofilmschool For the past few years, drone professionals and enthusiasts alike have been awaiting a new set of regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration. Unfortunately, new information about the proposed regulations point towards filmmakers being incredibly unhappy with the FAA in the very near future. In a report that […]

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